Low Temperature Solutions Featured at SMTA Tampa Expo & Tech Forum

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(South Plainfield, NJ USA) – September 27, 2021 - The Assembly Division of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions will exhibit at SMTA Tampa Expo & Tech Forum on Tuesday, October 5th at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.

MacDermid Alpha will feature Alpha and Kester’s low temperature solder pastes, ALPHA OM-550 HRL1 and Kester NP510-LT HRL1, both featuring the HRL1 alloy which provides improved mechanical reliability over traditional LTS alloys.

“In today’s complex PCBA environment there are many applications that require alternative lead-free options in order to achieve optimal first pass yields. Applications such as high warp signature BGAs, connectors and other components where the plastics that cannot see over 200 °C, or where we need to have dual reflow processing where unfortunately the required processing temperatures needed for SAC305 just won’t work,” states Regional Marketing Manager, Scott Lewin. “The challenge has historically been that the use of conventional “low temperature” alloys did not provide the proper level of thermal cycling and drop shock performance required, that is until now. With the introduction of ALPHA OM-550 HRL1 and Kester NP510-LT HRL1, we now can address these challenges with a high-performance lead-free alloy that provides similar drop shock and thermal cycling performance as SAC305 but can be processed under 200 °C.”

Additional solutions to be promoted include the latest Alpha and Kester high reliability solder pastes and the adhesive, edgebond, and underfill capabilities of the ALPHA HiTech polymer solutions portfolio of products.

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