Power Electronics Solutions Featured at China Powertrain Electrification and Innovation Summit

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China Powertrain

The Assembly Division of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions will present the paper, “Alpha Power Electronics Solutions” at the 3rd China Powertrain Electrification and Innovation Summit 2020 – New Energy Vehicle 2.0 Era from October 22-23, 2020 in Shanghai, China.

The summit will gather more than 100 EV experts and senior executives from global OEMs, Tier 1 & 2 component suppliers, software solutions suppliers and automotive battery manufacturers. The topics featured during the summit will include EV powertrain system design, powertrain control systems, solid battery technology and many advanced emerging powertrain technologies.

“The ability of the die and substrate attach materials to dissipate the heat directly affects the performance and lifetime of power semiconductors and the electric vehicle. The good news is that silver sintering technology is rapidly evolving to overcome the thermal and reliability challenges associated with these layers,” said Gyan Dutt, Global Portfolio Manager for Power Electronics, Assembly Solutions at MacDermid Alpha. “Power electronics of the most advanced electric vehicles in the market are now using silver sintering technology for increased efficiency (lower power loss by thermal dissipation), improved peak performance (managing transients at high torque situations) and improving reliability (10-15X fold improvement in power cycling) for longer lifetime.“

Wilson Wu, Application Manager – Die Attach, will be presenting the paper at 16:10pm on Thursday, October 22nd at The Longemont Shanghai. Click here for more information on our Power Electronics packaging solutions.

The 3rd China Powertrain Electrification & Innovation Summit

  • Date: Oct 22, 2020 (Thursday)
  • Time: 16:10 – 16:45
  • Venue: The Longemont Shanghai, 1116 West Yan An Road, Shanghai, P.R. China
  • Topic: Alpha Power Electronics Solutions
  • Speaker: Wilson Wu, Application Manager - Die Attach
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